Channels have been presented to solve the problems of non-payment of television: Arup Biswas

While the TV Artists, technicians and industry suppliers are looking forward to their late payments being settled today, as promised at a meeting on Wednesday, Minister Arup biswas He said the problem seems to have finally been resolved. Until Wednesday night, filming of the Roy subrata series, Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni & Debi Choudhurani , was stalled because a huge amount of payments was pending from the production house. “But the problem between the production house & the ones awaiting payments has been resolved now. The channels have come forward to help clear the dues,” said the minister.

The shooting of both series resumed on Wednesday night after Roy subrata & the channel heads assured the suppliers of clearing their dues during a meeting. “Now that Roy subrata has given a verbal assurance to clear the dues amounting from six bounced cheques by Thursday 5 pm through RTGS, we have helped resume shoot since Wednesday 4 pm. He also said that he will look into others’ dues by September 11. The channels said they will support him financially. The channel heads further said that they have been paying him at regular intervals, which even Subrata agreed to. Last he had received Rs 30 lakh from a channel on August 31,” shared Neet Paul, secretary, Suppliers Guild.

The problem has been brewing since June after Subrata failed to clear the dues. According to people working in his production’s serials, he has been repeatedly giving dates for clearing payments & failing to keep his word every time. In between, six suppliers who received payments through cheques on August 31 were surprised to see their cheques bounce on September 2. After this, a meeting was called on Wednesday afternoon.