Swimming coach fired for alleged sexual abuse, Minister of Sports promises severe actions

NEW DELHI: A Goa-based swimming coach was fired after a younger girl accused him of sexually abusing her, an alleged video that went viral on social media, which caused the Minister of Sports Kiren Rijiju also intervene and promise strict action.

Surajit Ganguly, a coach employed with the Goa Swimming Association (GSA), has been accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl who was training with him.

In a series of Tweets, Rijiju said strict measures will be taken against Ganguly.

"I've taken a strong view of the incident. The Goa Swimming Association has terminated the contract of coach Surajit Ganguly . I ask the Indian Swimming Federation to make sure that this coach is not employed anywhere in India. This applies to all federations and disciplines, he tweeted.

Strict action will be taken through the Sports Authority. First, it is a heinous crime of a serious nature, so I will urge the Police to take strict criminal measures against the coach urgently.

The GSA confirmed that Ganguly's contract has been terminated.

... we terminate Surajit's contract immediately after watching the video. Both the girl and the coach are from Bengal, said GSA secretary Syed Abdul Majid.

Ganguly was designated by the GSA approximately two and a half years ago for its installation of Mapusa.

We had appointed him because he had a good track record as a coach. There have been no prior complaints against him, he added.

In 2017, the Goa Legislature had even filed a motion congratulating him along with other coaches for bringing pride and glory to swimming and diving sports and the state.

West Bengal police confirmed that the girl filed a complaint and that the case is being handled by her counterparts in Goa.

According to the version given by the girl, yesterday we filed a formal complaint. But since the case corresponds to Goa Police jurisdiction, it has been transferred there. Goa Police is probing it," a police official said in Kolkata.