Debesh, Rajatava join again for their third play

After Winkle Twinkle and Tughlak, Debesh Chattopadhyay re-associates with Rajatava Dutta for his next theater production. The play is based on Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello’s timeless creation, Henry IV.nThough the director remained mostly tight-lipped about his project, he said that the story is about an actor who starts believing that he is Henry IV, following an accidental blow to his head during a performance. Meanwhile, a group of people starts acting as the court men of Henry IV to patronise his madness. “However, there’s an element of surprise towards the end, which I hope the audience will admire,” said Debesh, adding that Ajitesh Bondopadhyay of Nandikar He had previously organized a similar work, Sher Afghan.

 Rajatava Dutta

Things are at a nascent stage, so there’s not much to say at the moment. The rehearsals will start from Saturday and the play will be staged in February, ”he said. Debesh said that the play’s cast is one of the several surprises awaiting the audience. On roping in Rajatava for the third time, he said: He is one of those rare actors in Bengal who can use their emotions intelligently while acting. And we need that kind of interpreter for this work. ”

Rajatava, who is yet to find out about his character in the play, said this is going to be his third project with Debesh and he is looking forward to it. “We have been friends since 2002 and what I like about Debesh the most is his way of directing a play. He would never spoon-feed me and instead give me freedom to improvise and then fine-tune my character. He knows what he wants and so do I, ”said the actor.

For Debesh, who has been associated with the world of theater for over thirty years, this is not the first time he will be working on a play by Luigi Pirandello . Previously, he had also starred in Six characters in search of an author. “Before working on any text, we try to read about the author, the philosophy of the place and the relevance of the text in today's world. I think it is absolutely necessary for a theater person to obtain these details just before entering the acting part, ”the director concluded.