Kundali Bhagya Update, September 4: Preeta defends Prithvi

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya , the policewoman gives Sarla and Srishty an hour to find clues or Prithvi will stay in jail at night.

Rishabh talks to Srishty and assures him that he is not doing it out of anger. Srishty tells Rishabh that Prithvi must be kept in police custody and that only his mother Sarla worries him. Rishabh is happy that Srishty knows the truth and embraces it. Kareena bua is irritated to see this.

Preeta and Karan are in the car, she smiles thinking about Karan and how he is special to her. Karan is irritated to see Preeta smile and assumes he is smiling thinking about Prithvi. Both once again have an argument.

The two encounter an accident and he attends it. Preeta tells him that it is an external injury and that it will heal soon, but what about the emotional pain it has caused.

Preeta asks Karan to stop the car at the police station and she runs. Preeta informs Karan that Prithvi has been arrested for allegedly attacking Uncle Mahesh.

Sameer informs both of them that Prithvi is under arrest for an attempted murder.

Karan asks Preeta if she has come to save Prithvi, to which she answers yes. He tells her that he will kill Prithvi for hurting his father. Karan rushes inside the police station and holds Prithvi by the neck. Try to kill him, but Preeta and Rishabh manage to rescue Prithvi.

Preeta gets hurt and both brothers rush to save her. Prithvi's mother arrives at the police station and informs them that her family member refused to help them. Preeta tells the police officer that Prithvi can't do such a thing.

Preeta tells everyone that Mahesh's uncle had come to meet her before the accident happened. She asks the police officer not to punish an innocent person. Kareena bua tells the police officer that since Preeta and Sarla are relatives of Prithvi, they will try to protect him. Preeta says that she has always maintained the truth. She asks to call the designer of Prithvi and says that Prtihvi was with his designer at the time of the accident.