Kasthooriman update, September 4, 2019: Kavya and Jeeva make fun of Indirabhai

In the recent episode of Kasthooriman , Jeeva and Kavya are talking about subrogation. Kavya says that a baby can bring back happiness in his life.

The next morning, Shivani and Indrirabhai try to impress Achamma. The duo starts at the temple and tells them they want to pray for Jeeva. Achamma also deceives them by saying that she needs to start looking for a good partner for Jeeva.

Later, Kavya and Jeeva meet Achamma. She advises Kavya to be very careful with Indirabhai. He warns that Indirabhai would do anything to harm Kavya.

Kavya and Jeeva go to the hospital and meet Sahira's sister. Jeeva encourages the girl by telling her that she will recover soon.

Later, Jeeva and Kavya meet Sahira. Sahira thanks you for helping her. Jeeva replies that he didn't help her expect any favor from her. Hearing this, Sahira says she feels it is her duty to accept subrogation.

On the way back, Indirabhai calls Kavya and tells him about Jeeva. Hearing this, Kavya lies that he has planned to divorce Jeeva. He also adds that he has already sent the divorce notice.

Later, Jeeva returns to Ishwaramadam and meets Indirabhai. Indirabhai tells Jeeva that Kavya has decided to divorce him. Upon hearing this, Jeeva pretends to be angry with Kavya and tells him that she will first file the divorce case. Indirabhai believes and excites him because his plan is working.