Capture the urban feeling of Calcutta in the song of Adda Aami Chini Go Chini

Devayush Chowdharry's first song Add a , 'Ami Chini Go Chini', is a rock version of the iconic Rabindra Sangeet and beautifully captures the urban essence of Kolkata by taking a look at the narrative.

Composers Suvam Moitra and Joydeep Banerjee have followed the famous Kishore kumar interpretation of Charulata (1964) to mix it in a more modernist rock version. The song is deeply saturated with Bengali psyche, so to express the feeling of the Bengali and Kolkata culture, this song is ideal given the main theme of the film.

The interpretation of Suvam Moitra begins with a glimpse of the Howrah Bridge and throughout the music video we can see the places that are synonymous with the Bengali culture.

The images focus on an incipient romance between Sourav Das and Rittika Paul Paul, while Saayoni Ghosh and Indrasish Roy They seem to be trapped in a tumultuous relationship.

Watch the video song here:

Image courtesy: Facebook