Sidhu will share the stage with Pata

Cactus Leader Sidhu everything is ready to team up Paw eleven again. This is the duo’s sixth collaboration for a concert since last year. The event will take place at National Medical College on Thursday. While rehearsing for the gig, Sidhu said that college fests make him excited and when it is a medical college, things are even more exciting. “It brings back memories of my college days. The whole idea is very interesting and full of energy, ”he said.

Last year, Sidhu and Paw had reunited for a soul-stirring track titled Esho Bondhu for Srijit Mukherji’s Uma. The song was all about people coming together as friends to bring back the smile on a little girl’s face and make her dreams come true. “We reunited after more than two decades. And since then, whenever we do a concert together, we call it Esho Bondhu,” Sidhu added.

Talking about the upcoming gig, Sidhu said that they will perform a medley of Bangladeshi band songs along with a few timeless songs by Mohiner Ghoraguli. “We will also render a few songs from Pota Abong Moruddan and of course, Holud Pakhi,” Sidhu said, sharing his excitement about the concert.

Besides music, Sidhu has also become a regular face on the big screen. In recent times, he has acted in a number of full-length and short feature films.