Arko will release three singles

Come November and singer-songwriter Arko Pravo Mukherjee It will be seen with three singles. The musician, who has been working on several Bengali and Hindi film projects, said he is more than happy with the kind of offers that are presented to him. October 2 and who has worked on that along with Ankit Tiwari . It is a poetic and romantic song and will also have a very interesting video, he said. In addition, the music video also features a young man Bollywood actor. I'm not supposed to reveal the actor's name, but all I can say is that she is among the most popular faces we know, he added.

The second song, Suno Na, is also a romantic number but with a different style. The music video has been shot in the Maldives and this one too features a Bollywood actor. The third song, which is set to be released in November, is based on an actress. “I love doing singles because it brings out the real musician in me,” Arko added.

Singles are returning in the Hindi film industry. Explaining the reason behind this, Arko said this has been possible due to an increase in digital platforms. “The current trend shows that songs don't have to depend on movies to succeed. You can enjoy popularity even on your own merit. The current scenario is like in the 90s when Indipop dominated the Indian music industry, he added.