Is not imitation the best form of flattery among musicians?

There was a time when Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai sang by Mangeshkar can at the Ranaghat railway station. From the railroad platform to Bollywood it has been a long journey for Ranu Mondal . When covering the distance, he also wrote the classic history of rags to riches. As Internet users became ga-ga for the sensation of the Internet, abrupt reactions arose from the Bollywood nightingale. Without naming anyone, the singer, now on the cusp of the 90s, said it is fortunate that her work has benefited someone, but that success is short-lived. Affirming that imitation is not a reliable and lasting companion for success, he said that aspiring singers must be original. In Bengal, the music mecca, Konthis (those with replicating voices) have had their own followers. In addition, the version song is not only popularized in reality shows, but continues to dominate the machas, the season for which it has already begun. We asked a wide range of singers how far the song can cover artists. Keep reading ...

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Lopamudra Mitra, known for her characteristic voice and original compositions, said singers must thrive on originality. With all due respect to Konthis, I mean that the original song must be defended, he said. The singer will soon perform the second edition of Natun Gaaner Pabboni, a platform for the original singers to show their talent. These days, even FM stations do not have segments for indie music and television channels promote covers; As a senior artist, it is my duty to do my part for the original music, he said.

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Saturday saturday singer Akriti Kakkar He said it covers at the request of the people, despite having a lot of originals to his credit. “My original songs sound at weddings, functions, etc. Even after that, if people ask me to sing covers, what should I do? My covers are interpretations of the originals and not copies. They should not take credit from the original singers, ”he said.

There are also people who do not have the opportunity to make their original songs heard. For me, Lataji is an encyclopedia of music. Covers should not become a tool for fame. As a singer, my idea is to touch people's hearts and not become a 2.0 version of another singer, he said.


Anwesha Dutta Gupta, who rose to fame with a reality show and will soon debut as a composer in Limelight, said she doesn't like the idea of ​​equating the original singers with those version versions. “Each artist has his own motto. I can't spend much time and energy making covers on YouTube. Even when I sang covers, my idea was to reach the composers in order to get original songs.

Singer and politician Babul Supriyo, who had to sing versions of popular songs by Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu and Abhijeet Bhattacharya at the beginning of his career, said that each generation demands that they play songs from previous generations in social functions. Some people have breaks and others don't. But they are unique in their own way, ”he said. Wishing Ranu much success, he said that the artist is likely to have many shows in the Puja season. “From a life of hardship, he is now seeking to earn a living honorably with his singing career. That also pays tribute to Ma Saraswati, ”he said.

The covers are not so bad

Despite her many singles, reality show star Aneek Dhar is known for singing cover. The singer said there is a difference between cover singers and copy singers. “Even when I'm singing covers, I do it my way. It is the gayeki that matters; I am not trying to emulate anyone. There are people who ask me to sing Manna Dey songs because they like to hear them in my voice, he reasoned. Basudeb Bhattacharya, father of the last singing sensation Ankita Bhattacharya, said that even if his daughter started with covers on the reality show she won, she wants to make a dent in the original song. She is already recording an album, he said.


The reality shows, which are believed to be the breeding ground for talent, have also popularized the cover song. Some singers continue to present covers after their season with such shows is over, while the lucky ones are splashed with original compositions. Speaking about the trend, the judge and composer of reality shows Shantanu Moitra said: “There is a great demand for covers in corporate shows. Even at home, while we play Antakshari, we sing old songs, ”he said.

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Shantanu explained that while there are many singers, there are very few composers. “A singer is tested when he is given a song that has no reference point. But television shows are meant to entertain people and nostalgia is the most marketable emotion in the world. Everyone needs a respectable life, a proper meal, a basic place to stay ... if someone does that by singing, what more can you ask for? , I ask. When he told an incident, he said: “During the break of a reality show, a boy approached me and asked me what I had in my hand. I was playing with my mobile phone and I thought I was asking for the model. Later, I realized that I hadn't even seen a mobile phone. His eyes lit up when I made him hear the voice on the other end of the receiver, Shantanu said. Two years later, his father, who sewed suitcases at a railway station, and he met Shantanu. By then, the boy had already done many shows with sung covers. “The father said they had bought a house. That is the power of music, Shantanu said.


The composer Indraadip Das Gupta, who is filming his second director, said that talent does not go unnoticed. There was a time when he made Arijit Singh sing for Hawa Bodol, but today he is the best singer in India. “The skills are not enough, one has to adapt to the changes. How does Rupankar continue after so many years? It is because it is constantly updating. If you are good, you will shine. If you are a little below the good, you have no chance, he said.

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Lagnajita Chakraborty, known for her popular Tollywood numbers, said that if she had a choice, she would opt for Pablo Picasso's works and not for her copies. The original artists have much more value in my eyes, he said. Paloma Majumdar, who had a break in reproduction last year, said accepting the new one is a process. “The big question is, what are you presenting as an artist? There is no other way to prove yourself, apart from creating something original, he said.


According to the organizers of the show, Bengal has had a culture of Kishore, Lata, Rafi and Sanu konthis, etc. “But slowly with the advent of the digital age, things began to change. YouTube encouraged young talents to create and display their own original music, making original and independent music as important as cinema or popular music. In the live music industry, customers chase singers with successful originals or successful reproductions. That said, many clients hire cover singers when they can't afford an original singer. In general, the trend has gone down, ”said event manager Kinjal Bhattacharya.

Another organizer said a singer, who does Arijit Singh covers, charges as high as Rs 3.5 lakh per show. Abhijit Roy, macha organizer from Jhargram, said, “Adhunik Bangla gaan is much in demand today. But cover singing can never go out of fashion in Bengal. ”Popular Kishore konthi Amit Ganguly said he is a great admirer of Lata Mangeshkar, but he isn’t sure what went behind her recent comment. “Can anyone ignore the influence KL Saigal had on Kishore Kumar or Geeta Dutt had on Asha Bhosle? Kumar Sanu would sing Kishore Kumar’s songs and it was the same with Babul Supriyo and Abhijeet. Some people get breaks and others don’t. But, one needs to be technically sound while recording. So, every artiste has something to offer. Having said that, no one should compare Mangeshkar can with any other person, since she is one of the best singers we have ever had, she said.