Mangala Update Gowri Madve, September 4: Will Rajeev arrest Mangala?

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve Rajeev participates involuntarily in all rituals. Tie the Mangalsutra back to Mangala and remember her wedding. Ramanna congratulates Mangala and Rajeev and talks about their bond.

After a while, Mangala performs rituals for her husband's well-being (Rajeev). Ramanna suggests that Suguna also perform the rituals. But she denies and only talks about Mangala's happiness.

Meanwhile, without realizing the fact that Rajeev has visited Mangala's place to arrest her, Dhanish and Kumar assume that Rajeev has gone to take Mangala into his life and discuss Rajeev's future life with Mangala.

An agent intervenes and informs Dhanish and Kumar about Mangala's participation in the Surya case. Kumar and Dhanish are surprised at his life and care about Mangala's happiness.

On the other hand, the villagers continue to encourage Rajeev and Mangala while performing the rituals. While the guests tease Rajeev playfully, he becomes enraged and reveals that he has come to arrest Mangala for killing Surya.