The filming of the Bengali television program Rani Rashmoni resumes today

The filming of Rani Rashmoni It finally resumed on Thursday morning after a guarantee from the producer to pay the fees to the suppliers as soon as possible. Filming stopped due to a protest from vendors demanding their fees.

An actor associated with the show said, “We tried to have shoot yesterday but couldn’t. There is a huge due from the producer’s side. The vendors are suffering just like us. The shoot has resumed since morning. I will join the team in the afternoon. ”The telecast of‘ Rani Rashmoni ’got affected yesterday (September 04). The channel running the show had to air one-hour-long episode of ‘Alo Chhaya’.

Such a gap in the broadcast is leaving the audience disappointed. Madhumanti Dutta, 70, a resident of Jadavpur, loves to see the popular drama period . She said, “I don't watch any other show. Since last two weeks the telecast isn’t smooth. Every day, I sit in front of the television to watch Rani Rashmoni. But I get disappointed seeing other shows running at that time slot. Such a gap affects the flow of a story. ”

Last week, the telecast of ‘Debi Choudhurani’ and ‘Rani Rashmoni’ got affected following the dispute between the actors and the production house running the show. Shoot resumed after an assurance to pay the dues at the earliest. Right after that, the shoot of ‘Rani Rashmoni’ got affected due to the protest of the vendors.