Manisha Koirala: I want to make the most of my years of life

He said Manisha Koirala whose wish list includes more acting and travel, writing more books and directing a movie.

After playing Sanjay Dutt's mother, Nargis, in Rajkumar Hirani 'Sanju' , Manisha Koirala has teamed up with the actor, who she fondly calls Baba, for his upcoming home production, «Prassthanam» . This time, she plays his wife, Saroj. Speaking of his three-decade association with the actor, Manisha says: I became a big fan of Baba after seeing 'Rocky' and even had his posters in my room. It was a fan-girl moment when I first worked with him, but over the years we have become good and we have seen him go through his ups and downs in life, and every time I have a problem, I just have to tell him . A few days later, he will call to ask, Manya, sab theek ho gaya na? We are very comfortable with each other now.

Signing Prassthanam was a decision that came from the heart. “Maanayata ji (Sanjay’s wife) is producing the film, and I can’t say‘ no ’to Baba and her,” she said. The film, directed by Deva Katta, also features Jackie shroff in a fundamental role, and is the remake of a Telugu movie of the same name. However, Manisha has not yet seen the original movie.

The second entry in her career is extremely important to her. “In the first, I was lucky to work with the best directors and actors. I can't wait for a repeat, I just choose the best of the roles I get. But now I have a responsibility to do a better job than before, ”he reasoned.

About Sanjay's biographical film, she reveals that she had doubts about it. I wasn't convinced if I should play a mother, fearing she could be pigeonholed. Fortunately, that has not happened, the roles I am getting offer many possibilities to play. I was also apprehensive if I could play a character suffering from cancer, since I had just left him, she explained. Finally, he could not say no to interpret a legend like Nargis. More than Baba or Raju sir, I took the movie for Nargis ji. Manisha was diagnosed with Big C in 2012. After several rounds of treatment, it is now fine.

Has life changed since then? He noted that after any kind of life-threatening incident, perception changes. If there is heaven, it is here. If there is hell, it is here. When I was close to death, I realized how lucky I was to be born and to be alive. When you are in danger of losing something, you begin to value it more. I love life and I want to live it fully. It can be demanding, but I want to make the most of my life, ”he said.

Manisha has a list of things you want to do. She wants to act more, write more books, direct a movie and travel more. “This year, I went to Everest base camp. Finally, I want to be more useful anywhere in the world and the society that I am. I want to live well and pursue happiness, ”he reported.

His inspiration to fight cancer was the cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who emerged victorious. Sonali Bendre recently admitted that he found his inspiration in Manisha to fight the disease. “Sonali is a beautiful and strong woman. Cancer can shake him, but one must make sure he doesn't get over it, he said.

Salman Khan recently said he met Sanjay Leela Bhansali through Manisha during 'Khamoshi: The Musical'. Tell her that and she, I wish Salman and I got along during Khamoshi, but we didn't. Sanjay has always liked Salman, and he knew them both long before 'Khamoshi'. We had our fights and our moments during the movie, and I still think Salman's best job is with Bhansali. I love both of you, Bhansali is my jaan. He was on board as an assistant director in '1942: a love story', ”he recalls, and reveals that it was not the first option for his directorial debut. I had read his script a long time ago, when I was looking to choose one of his favorites, Kajol or Madhuri (Dixit), but they both rejected the movie, and that was when I got on board.