Anupama Swain, based in Odisha, wins bronze at the World Martial Arts Mastership, qualifies for the Asian Games

BHUBANESWAR: athlete woman Anupama Swain who qualified for 2022 Asian Games by winning a bronze medal in the recently concluded World Masters in Martial Arts Jiu-Jitsu has said that the achievement was a moment of pride for her, since she was the only Indian to participate in the championship.

Jujitsu is a form of martial art and combat sport and focuses completely on confrontation, with special emphasis on ground fighting.

Speaking to ANI about the experience, he said: I was the only player to be selected for the championship in Korea. All the players that were present there were already medalists, they were the best players and the competition was really tough. It was the first time I went to participate only in the tournament.

Swain, who came from Odisha, continued: I tried to do my best and make the country proud. I won the bronze medal, I will try my best next time. I am happy with the bronze medal. I have also qualified for the Asian Games, I will do my best in the next championship to prepare for the Asian Games. I am very fit and I train enough to continue giving my best.

Swain's coach, Hariprasad Patnayak, also expressed his happiness for the achievement. He said he has always focused on developing Swain's fitness.

"My priority is to develop her fitness and strength. Most of the players are focused on developing skills, but I have always been focused on developing her fitness. In this contest, Anupama was able to win bronze. It translated into a direct ticket into 2022 Asian Games . Anupama has to ensure that she keeps winning next championships to keep momentum with her," Patnayak said.