The Adhaar of Suman arrives at the Busan film festival

Suman Ghosh whose last Bengali director Basu Poribaar made everyone have one more reason to encourage. His debut as director of Bollywood Adhaar will be screened at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival. Suman could not help sharing the good news on social networks.

“Honored to have our world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival. Thanks to my cast and crew and to my producers @DrishyamFilms @ItsVineetSingh @ShantanuMoitra @resulp @ravi_ayyagari @imsanjaimishra @Raghavguptaa ”, he read his tweet.

Someone who had the guts to make The Argumentative Indian, a biographical film about Amartya Sen, is finally ready for his Bollywood debut with the fame of Mukkabaaz Vineet Kumar Singh tells the story of the first man in Jharkhand who received the card from Aadhaar. Initially, I didn't have that plan to make a Hindi movie, but somehow this particular story is based on Jharkhand.

During a recent conversation, the acclaimed director revealed what triggered the idea of ​​the story of his first Bollywood film 'Adhaar': “I found the story in an article about The New Yorker's Aadhaar card and the seed of my story was Founded at the time, in 2011. I wrote the story after the synopsis was selected at the Busan International Forum in 2016. 'Aadhaar' is basically a social satire. Capture modern India and a unique story of a common man.