He knew that Malhar has it in him to make him great: Abhishek Shah

Their Teacher's Day today, and we all have someone who has made a big difference in our lives. The same is for our Dhollywood stars. While most of the actors have made it great on their own, there has been a guiding force behind them that has ensured that they were there to help them in difficult times. One of the biggest stars of the Gujarati film industry. Malhar Thakar He has also had his mentor who has guided him through his difficult time. And he credits Abhishek Shah as one of the persons behind his success.nTalking about it, Abhishek Shah says, Malhar and I go a long way back when he was still struggling as an actor. Right from the beginning, I realized his potential which many others couldn't. The kind of hard work he used to put in his work assured me that when the right opportunity comes his way, he will surely make it big. And that's what happened.

The two know each other from the moment they started their careers and Malhar was a troubled actor. But Abhishek backed his instinct about Malhar's talent and insisted that he be chosen to Chello Divas , that went on to become a career defining film for the actor. Says Abhishek, When I suggested Malhar's name for his role in Chello Divas, not everyone was convinced about him. But I persisted as I knew he would nail that role and that's what happened. Just a few days into the workshops, everyone got convinced that he was the right choice.

When asked Abhishek on Malhar considering him his mentor, he says, "I don't consider myself his mentor, I backed him because I knew he was good. Their Malhar's large-heartedness that he considers me his mentor. We are more like brothers and I am always there for him."