Satyajeet Dubey will return to television after nine years

Actor Satyajeet Dubey , who made his acting debut with the historical show, Jhansi Ki Rani (JKR), is ready to return to television after nine years with the finite series, Maharaj Ki Jai Ho . In an attempt to try something new, Satyajeet went to the movies and appeared in movies like Always Kabhi Kabhi and Kerry On Kutton.

He will be switching between two different time zones in his TV show. He says, “I play Sanjay in Maharaj Ki Jai Ho, which is a situational comedy. My character is that of a rangeela, street-smart punter. Somehow, he goes back in time by 5,000 years and that’s what piqued my interest. I was keeping away from typical shows - in which the hero, an NRI, falls in love with the heroine and so on and so forth. It gets tiresome to keep doing the same thing, but fortunately, with this show, I am in a different space, as I am getting to explore two timelines. Having said that, hats off to those who keep on doing the same thing repeatedly, but then, everyone’s motivations are different. If you ask me, I want quality to be my legacy. ”

Speaking of his return to television, he says: I don't believe in the comebacks. I was excited to start my acting career by appearing on a television show. He was like a curious child in a candy store who wondered everything he could do in front of the camera. I moved to the cinema, because as an artist I have a limited amount of energy and creativity, which I intend to spend wisely and, therefore, I collected offers that resonate with me. ”

Although it is possible that his films did not do well at the box office, Satyajeet is happy with the choices he has made in his career. “Coming from a small town with no connections in the industry, I have done my best and I am happy with the way my career is shaping up. I just started. One has to be patient and not get carried away. My life has taught me these values, since I lost my father at the age of 12 and my grandmother raised me. I arrived in Mumbai in 2007 when I was 16 and I had to be alone.

Together with the television program, you will soon see him in the Prassthanam, protagonist of Sanjay Dutt. The interesting thing is that his character will be completely separated from his chocolate boy image, since he will play an antihero in the film. What I am doing in this movie is a complete deviation from what I have done previously. But that is why it moved me so much. I just couldn't empathize or interact with my Vivaan character, it's as far from me as an individual, that's the challenge, says the actor. Was it difficult to break the quintessential image of the chocolate hero? More than difficult, I find it exciting when I get to fill the shoes of a character who is separated from me. Who the hell wants a particular image? The process is spiritual for me: I am anyone, everyone and nobody at the same time. But yes, you are always running an emotional marathon. It can exhaust you mentally and emotionally. But I am in love with this process, he concludes.