Salary increase for Indian trainers on cards

NEW DELHI: In good news for Indian coaches and those who aspire to become one, the government has decided to review the remuneration structure in four coaching categories, putting a minimum monthly salary cap to which a coach would be entitled to hold a contract with the Indian Sports Authority ( UPS ) in the future.

As per the details worked out by UPS , a chief national coach would be entitled to get an enhanced minimum consolidated amount (basic pay and dearness allowance) of Rs 140,000 per month in salary. Based on his/ her technical qualification and experience of coaching teams, the salary figure could touch a maximum of Rs 2 lakh per month in certain individual cases, as was with hockey’s former chief national coach, Harendra Singh, who used to draw Rs 2 lakh per month from UPS .

A main coach would be entitled to take home a minimum salary of Rs 120,000 pm, a coach would earn Rs 95,000 pm and a coach assistant Rs 60,000 pm. All these amounts are minimum wage figures and can be substantially increased according to the qualification and experience of a coach candidate.

It’s been learnt that the revised pay structure will be notified soon and, once implemented, it would somewhat help in reducing the vast pay gap between Indian and foreign coaches. But, to be eligible for it, the coaches will have to sign full-time contracts with UPS .

Not only this, UPS will also advertise for coaching positions to fill large number of vacancies at its various UPS centres and academies. According to sources, UPS will advertise for 91 vacancies for chief coaches, 150 for senior coaches and 245 for assistant coaches. For the coach, the vacancies advertised could be anywhere between 180-200.

Former sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore had informed Lok Sabha in July last year that the remuneration of coaches in various sports disciplines would not be limited to Rs 1 lakh and that the government increased the limit to Rs 2 lakh. However, very few coaches earned such high salaries.

For example, Athletics Federation of India’s (AFI) chief national coach, Bahadur Singh, draws Rs 120,000 per month while deputy coach, Radhakrishnan Nair, gets between Rs 70,000-80,000 per month. The AFI has sent proposals to UPS to increase Singh’s salary to Rs 2 lakh pm and Nair’s to Rs 1,50,000. In the revised pay structure, Singh would at least be entitled to receive Rs 1,40,000 and Nair Rs 120,000. However, the revised salaries could go even higher if the UPS considers the proposal.

Similarly, in the case of wrestling, all three chief national coaches are getting paid by their respective government departments from where they have come on deputation. But, with the UPS revising the pay structure, it’s been learnt that the coaches might like to opt to receive salary from UPS .

For some of the shooting coaches, who are contracted with UPS but have opted to work as per the pro-rata system, their salaries would be calculated on pro-rata basis based on the minimum revised amount, which will result in increased pay.