Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Varun Sandesh rebukes his wife Vithika; says we are not on honeymoon

big boss Telugu season 3 saw enough fights between Varun & Vithika , one of the most admired couples of the season. However, the recent seems to be something that has not happened before.

In the latest episode, Varun can be seen reprimanding wife Vithika for complaining that he isn’t spending time with her. He advised her to stop complaining & remember the fact that they are in the big boss house but not in honeymoon. Varun ’s comments left her in tears. She disagreed with him & said she only wanted to talk to him. She asked him to leave her alone & spend time with his ‘friends’ in the house. Varun advised her against overthinking. This is likely to continue in the upcoming episode as well.

Earlier in the task, a major fight broke between the two when Vithika tried to grab the gun from the bandit queen when the game paused. While she later confessed her mistake in the task, he said he argued with her out of concern.

Vithika doesn't shy away from PDA while Varun looked quite uncomfortable on many occasions.

The couple had a major argument when Varun sided with Punarnavi but not her (Vithika). Earlier, she complained that Varun doesn’t support her when needed the most. Even host Nagarjuna advised Varun the right ways to deal with his wife in the house.