Teacher's Day 2019: movies that redefine the teacher-student link

Who does not appreciate school and university life? Full of bittersweet memories, this part of our life is undoubtedly the most beautiful.

Not only friends, we also miss our teachers who not only made us a better person but in the process gave us the best memories we all want to relive.

Paying an ode to the teachers, Bollywood He has made a great variety of films, some celebrating the bond between teachers and students, and others portraying the sacrifices of teachers for his students. While we can't go back to school or universities, we can definitely enjoy the old days with some of the best movies on this teachers day.

So, here are the four movies that will take you on a journey down the path of memory and will make you miss the educators who shaped their lives and careers!

' Super 30 ' (2019)

The recently released film tells the story of Anand Kumar's life played by Hrithik Roshan . It shows the struggle of Anand, an Indian mathematician who quit his job as a teacher in a first level training center to teach disadvantaged children. It shows that Roshan's character goes through all the difficulties to educate his students, allowing them to reserve a seat in the coveted IIT.

'Hichki' (2018)

An Indian adaptation of Brad Cohen's autobiography, 'Front of the Class', the film follows a woman (played Rani Mukerji ) with Tourette's syndrome getting a teaching job at an elite school and how it turns his weakness into his greatest strength. Rani's character faces strong resistance from his students who belong to the economically weakest section of society. She, however, is determined as a teacher to take her students along the path of learning.

'Black' (2005)

Relying freely on the life and struggle of Helen Keller, Black follows a teacher played by Amitabh Bachchan helping a deaf-blind girl (essayed by Rani Mukerji) explore her potential. Amitabh himself later develops Alzheimer's disease in the film. The film shows how the teacher shapes the life of the girl whose family had given up hopes on her.

'Iqbal' (2005)

The coming-of-age drama movie stars Shreyas Talpade , a deaf and mute boy obsessed with Cricket who, with the help of his coach, overcomes all difficulties to become part of the Indian citizen Cricket team.