DGCA prohibits two of the pilot license exam for cheating

NEW DELHI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) on Tuesday banned a person for life from appearing on their exams to get a commercial pilot license (CPL) and ordered another to take the exam only after two years. Both were caught cheating on their cell phones earlier this year.

The person barred for life, originally from Thane, was caught cheating on July 26 when he was appearing for the "air regulation" exam to get his CPL. "During examination you used unfair means and were in possession of two smart phones, one smart watch and one connecting device," states the order.

The second person is from Guntur and had appeared for a CPL subject paper exam in Hyderabad on July 24. He was found in possession of a mobile phone. The DGCA temporarily debarred him from appearing in pilot's license exam for two years for adopting unfair means.