Nishvika Naidu: My teachers were more like my friends; they made a big impact on me

Teachers always have a special place in our hearts. Be it their teachings or scolding, or the life lessons they impart, teachers mold the person we become. And that's exactly how Nishvika Naidu felt when he returned to his alma mater - Mount Carmel College (MCC) - recently. Before Teacher's Day, Bangalore Times took a walk with the actress, who visited her university and spent time with her favorite. Psychology Teachers - Archana HS and Aabharna Amith. She remembered her days on campus, from classrooms to dance sessions, as well as being part of the fashion team and more ...

I did not complete my degree, but my teachers supported my dreams

Nishvika had his eyes on the entertainment world since his days at university, and it was MCC who gave wings to his dreams. “I was part of the dance and fashion teams, and participated in events whenever I had the opportunity. This meant that I would also miss my classes many times. There were cases where Archana and Aabharna ma'am would be surprised to see me in class, says Nishvika, adding: I loved the way Aabharna ma’am told us stories, stories that made the class more interesting. Archana ma'am, on the other hand, always pushed me to complete my degree, which, eventually, did not happen because, I left university during my third year to continue acting. He is a sweet and helpful person. It was more fun when he later moved to the same building where I used to stay. She was my neighbor for about a year.

Guess what! Nishvika was known as Kavya in college

According to Archana and Aabharna, Nishvika's energy and enthusiasm set her apart from the rest. We knew her as Kavya, and she will remain Kavya for us. She was an extremely bright student, who illuminated the classroom the moment she entered, says Aabharna.

“But she was also very talkative and naughty. He was communicative and helpful, and always helped out his friends and others. I am proud that she was my student. She was someone I couldn't help noticing. She was so beautiful and still is, says Archana.

If I were not an actor, I would have become an advisor

MCC’s Psychology department, Nishvika says, will always be very dear to her. “If I weren’t in the film industry, I would’ve become a counsellor. I love talking to people, and often I’ve had friends approaching me to have a conversation. I owe that quality in me to my teachers and the department. We used to have this exercise, in which we would talk and listen to each other. Psychology and Sociology classes were my favourite, mostly because of my teachers — Archana, Aabharna and Sophy,” she says.


I have learned a life lesson from each of my teachers

“Being a teacher is one of the best jobs in the world because they have the passion and power to shape the mind and soul of an individual. Each teacher of mine has taught me a useful lesson. The relationship between a student and a teacher is beautiful, ”says Nishvika.

Momo chaat and biryani in the canteen were my favorites

Nishvika says that food always played an important part of his university life. “I would love to eat the momo chaat and the biryani that was served in the canteen. In addition to this, every time we had a festival on campus, there was a guy selling muffins. Otherwise, we would never see it, but each festival would appear as a genius. I used to skip meals just to savor those rolls, ”says Nishvika.

Nishvika has a great presence on stage: Mentor


Mithilesh Nyathappa, mentor of the fashion team at MCC, remembers Nishvika as someone different from the others. “I remember that she had entered as a dancer, that she had a great presence on stage. There was something extra about her: it was more fun and energetic. ” According to Nishvika, Mithilesh was very strict, but he was the one who pushed her to pursue her goals with enthusiasm. ‘If you are sure of what you want to do, you should do it, he said. I followed his advice and started acting, ”sums up the actress.

Nishvika and her teachers share good memories of each other. .

Archana I would know her more in shopping centers than in the classroom. I often ran into her and she was ashamed to see me.

Nishvika: Sometimes, it would be really awkward to greet Archana ma'am outside the university. I remember an incident when Mom came to take classes and my classmates and I kept talking non-stop. He got so angry at one point that he hit the book on the desk and left class, after which my friend and I went after her to convince her.

Aabharna I remember once I was in a bad mood. And because, she was bored that day, the whole class was silent. It is gratifying to see that Nishvika is doing well in life. We are very proud of her and her achievements.

Nishvika: Aabharna ma'am once brought his son to college, and we were very excited to see the boy. He was cute and shy, and was still running after his mother. For us too, she was no less than a mother.