When Srinidhi Shetty spoke with Sadhguru about Cauvery Calling

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has launched the Cauvery Calling initiative along the basin with a bike ride that would span the entire stretch of the river right from its origin. To create more awareness, Sadhguru was in conversation with Miss Supranational 2016 and actress Srinidhi Shetty. Excerpts from their chat ... Srinidhi: I've been following what you're doing and I know you've been riding all day ...

Sadhguru: It has been a wonderful day. But I am on a motorcycle that I am not very used to. And the Japanese did it without a clutch (laughs). Therefore, riding on the mud tracks has been a challenge.

Srinidhi: Sadhguru, these days, when people talk about Cauvery, most of the time it is in terms of how much water we can get out of it. Have we become exploiters in our relationship with her? If yes, how and why did this happen?

Sadhguru: Very simple. Have you heard the story of the goose that laid golden eggs?

Srinidhi: Yes, the more it gives ...

Sadhguru: They want to cut it and eat it. So if a goose or a chicken is laying golden eggs, an idiot thinks that if you cut it, you will get a lot of gold. You killed him, that's all! So, that has been our attitude with nature and rivers. We want to cut it and eat it. We want Cauvery in our homes. That's why it comes in our taps, and while something comes in our taps, we haven't even bothered to go see what a river is. We did an activity in Coimbatore, where we discovered that many children under 20, more than 20% of them to be precise, have never seen a river in their life. How is that? They have not seen a river. So how do you tell that boy you need to protect the river (laughs)? He doesn't understand what a river is.

Srinidhi: Sadhguru, one of the main problems in cities is the shortage of groundwater. Will planting trees here, along the basin, on both sides of Cauvery help water problems in cities?

Sadhguru: Groundwater levels would not rise in one place, they will rise in the region. One reason we have chosen Cauvery is because, the rivers south of the Vindhya range They are of a different nature as the earth is of a different nature. It has been recorded that there are large aquifers on earth, which extend over 700 kilometers in this part of the country, unlike any other place. It is a system that is built in such a way that if you plant trees, it will help increase water levels, over distances. Then, tell the people of Bangalore and Chennai that this will help their problems.

Srinidhi: Yes, because the people of the city often do not realize the situation and sit at home, thinking that everything is fine since they have water flowing to their homes. Don't they need to know where the source is?

Sadhguru: In the Cauvery basin, 47,600 farmers have committed suicide in the last 10 years and you ask: “Why should I plant? I have water flowing in my tap. ” You are human? I have a doubt, I really have a doubt, because many have abandoned humanity.