I have given my sweat and blood for Pailwaan: Kabir Duhan Singh

Kabir Duhan Singh It is no stranger to the cinema audience of South India. After all, he has been the bad guy of 30 movies in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. However, his next release is one he is extremely proud of being part of for many reasons. For starters, meet him with the Hebbuli team of director S Krishna and the protagonist Kichcha Sudeep , but it also gives him a role that he literally gave his sweat and blood to.nThe much-awaited Pailwaan, which is set for a five-language release on September 12, has Kabir in the role of a boxer - a champion known for his knockout records - who is aware of his talent and is, hence, arrogant. “I am a big fan of the Rocky franchise, and playing a boxer was a dream that I hoped to fulfil someday. I am blessed that I got the opportunity to do a dream role early on in my film career, all thanks to Krishna and Sudeep sir, who had the confidence to cast me as Tony Sebastian. For him, winning is not about getting a trophy and being declared champ; it is about finishing off the opponent. When they came to me, though, I was battling a bout of viral fever, so, when Krishna said that I would have to prepare for the role, I knew that I had a lot of work on hand. I asked him for 3-4 months to prepare, after which I sent them pictures of my progress. They were so happy with the transformation that Sudeep sir tweeted my look with words of appreciation. The role was mine after that, explains Kabir.

The three months, were not a cakewalk for the actor, who began training to look and behave like a professional boxer, which included rigorous workouts, boxing classes and, of course, strict diets. In fact, such was his dedication towards reaching his target goal that he fainted on the sets of his other projects while on a liquid diet. The shoot for the climax fight was to happen around August or September last year, but it got pushed, by which time I got signed up for my Bollywood debut. I was on the set of this Hindi film in Mauritius when I fainted a couple of times, as I was on a high-protein diet, with no carbs at all. All I knew was that I needed to be perfectly in shape when the shoot for Pailwaan happens. boxing at such a level. The boxing that you will see in Pailwaan has never before been seen in Indian cinema, especially the bout in the climax between me and Sudeep sir. It is a very emotional and dramatic. when audiences see it, they will be mind-blown, says Kabir, for whom working on this project was like homecoming. Sudeep sir and I bonded well during the making of Hebbuli. Unfortunately, they had to kill off my character, as I had scheduling issues during the climax shoot. I wasn't going to let that happen with Pailwaan, he laughs.

Sudeep, incidentally, has been vocal about Kabir inspiring him to hit the gym hard, which they continued together during their schedule. Yet, no amount of training prepared them for the actual shoot. Boxing is all about the power you bring into your punches, which involves a lot of shoulder action and, of course, leg work to move swiftly, dodge blows, etc. It is only when we got to actually shooting it, that we realized how painful that can be. Add to that the fact that we landed punches on each other and other injuries that we sustained, and it would not be wrong to say that we have given our sweat and blood to this project, say Kabir, adding , My biggest takeway, though, is that after all the films I've done, Pailwaan is probably the only one in which I get to beat up the hero. Normally, as villain, I get hit a lot. Here, I am villain, but the way it is shown is different. Here is a baddie with a lot of power that he uses on Sudeep sir. But, of course, Sudeep sir is the hero and will make a comeback, Kabir signs off.