Namish Taneja files FIR after ATM fraud

TV actor Namish Taneja , which became popular as Lakshya and will be seen next to Meera Deosthale in Vidya , has become the last victim of ATM fraud after he was duped of Rs 50,000. He filed an FIR at Amboli police station for the same on September 2. Namish says, “I was in theatre watching a film, when I saw a couple of missed calls from an unknown number. When I called back, I came to know that someone from the bank was trying to reach me to inform that they have blocked my debit card. They told me that they suspected fraud ulent transaction from my account. I was shocked when I realised I had received five messages about the withdrawal of `10,000 each, while I was inquiring with the bank.” The actor has filed an FIR in Amboli police station. “Later, the bank people informed me that I don’t have to bear the brunt. The fraud had happened due to negligence from the bank’s end, that’s why I am not liable. They are going to reverse the unauthorised electronic transaction to the my account within 10 working days. Though I will get a refund, this is a matter of concern and that’s why I filed an FIR,” he signs off.