Lectures, punishments and gyaan life: celebrities remember their favorite teachers

Classroom lessons can easily fade from one's memory, but the punishments and life lessons taught by teachers in school and university remain entrenched forever. On today's Teacher's Day, celebrities and their former teachers become nostalgic when they remember the old days.

Anita Balani, associate professor, Department of Economics, Hansraj College: I still remember Shah Rukh being late for class

Shahrukh khan is probably the biggest star Delhi has exported to Mumbai. After studying in St. Columba’s School, SRK was in Hansraj College. Anita Balani, Associate Professor from the Department of Economics, Hansraj College, told us in 2017, “ Shahrukh khan was a student of Economics Hons from 1986-1989. I taught him Statistics. I still remember him coming late for class with his hockey stick and a backpack. But he was a very intelligent student and he topped in HRC. After graduating, he got Fauji , and then reached such great heights; We are very proud of him.


Farhat Basir Khan, faculty member at the AJK Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Millia Islamia: Shahrukh khan was good at everything

After HRC, the actor joined Jamia Millia Islamia for a Masters in Mass Communication. However, according to the university, since his attendance was low, he was not allowed to take his exams and left the course halfway. Farhat Basir Khan, a faculty member at the AJK Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Millia Islamia, who taught the SRK Photography class in his first year, says: I still remember his interview when we were inducing students and he was very good throughout. We were very happy with your answers. I have good memories of him. He made sure to attend classes whenever possible. At that time, he was doing Fauji But he was always very interested in learning. Once, when I took his class for an exercise, SRK disappeared during the time of the call. When we looked for him, we discovered that he was waiting for the sun to be in the right position to take a picture, and that's why he forgot everything. That was the kind of dedication he had. ”

Mohit Malik: Bal Bharati Air Force School


Mohit Malik: Sunita ma'am taught me to accept failures

A big hua bachcha confessed, Mohit Malik studied at the Bal Bharati School of the Air Force. Thanks your class XI teacher, Sunita Gupta, who is now

the school principal, for teaching how to deal with failures. “I remember that in class XI, my friends and I once saw a window of the open teacher's room. We were afraid of failing our unit test, so we thought why not break all the answer sheets. So we enter the teacher's room through that window and tear off everyone's answer sheets. They caught us later and suspended us for a few days. But when we returned, Sunita ma'am was still very kind. She told me to remember that it is always better to accept failures and work on them, ”he says.


Sunita Gupta: Mohit was naughty

Sunita Gupta clearly remembers the incident where a group of

The students in his class broke all the answer sheets that were kept in the teacher's room. Later, a teacher told him that one of those students is now a popular television actor. “I don't watch TV, so I didn't know, but I definitely remember the incident. He had punished Mohit then, as it was important to make them realize that it is not right to ruin the work of other students as well. He was a mischievous child, but he realized his mistake and came to speak to me personally after that. And even after becoming an actor,

he came to school and met me, ”she says.

Rahul Dev: St. Columba's school


Rahul Dev: I learned the value of Mr. Joginder's fitness and sports

While studying at St Columba's school, Rahul Dev had many teachers who helped him learn to maintain a balance between sport and academics and shared some essential life lessons with him. “There was not only one, but many teachers that I liked. Among them was my class teacher in classes XI and XII, Joginder Singh, who was also my sports coach. I used to play cricket at school and he was the one who taught me how sports are important for learning discipline, says Rahul. Rahul-Dev-2

Joginder Singh : Rahul was a star cricketer at school

Joginder Singh, who once was Rahul’s class teacher, fondly remembers that the “two brothers (Rahul and Mukul Dev ) were completely opposite each other. He says: While Rahul was patient and calm, Mukul was naughty. One good thing about Rahul is that he was always smiling and even if he was ever punished, he was one of those rare students who understood that it was for his good. The other thing that I really liked about him was that he understood the value of physical fitness and sports. He was a star cricketer at school. Himansh Kohli: KR Mangalam World School


Himansh Kohli: Meenu ma'am came to pick me up at Ansal Plaza, where I was at school

Himansh Kohli He was also a naughty student. He loved bunking classes and was also suspended several times from school. “But my director Meenu Goswami would teach me separately in her cabin. Any discipline that follows in my life is for her, says the actor, and adds: Once he learned that I was at the Ansal Plaza bunk school, he came to pick me up in his car.

Meenu Goswami: Himansh was naughty but not disrespectful

The director of the Himansh school, Meenu Goswami, tells us: “Himansh wanted to explore and experience many things as a normal teenager. It's like hanging out with your friends or at the bunk school, but as a teacher, it's my responsibility to tell you why you shouldn't do those things. He was a kind and respectful child. He never questioned authority, it was mischievous but not disrespectful. Rakul Preet Singh: Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan


Rakul Preet Singh: Mrs. Mookerji and Mrs. Vishavanathan changed my life

Rakul Preet Singh She says she liked her two teachers very much: her economics teacher Rita Mookerji at the Army Public School and her tuition teacher Sundari Viswanathan. “When you are a child, you think the teacher is going to bore you with a lot of life, but when I got to college, I realized that everything Mrs. Mookerji said made perfect sense. I've been in contact with her even now, says Rakul, and adds: Mrs. Vishavanathan taught me math and I was terrible at it. It made me fall in love with the subject so much that I ended up graduating in mathematics. Both teachers changed my life.

Rita Mookerji: Rakul Preet was an all terrain

For Rita Mookerji, Rakul was a bright and versatile student. “She would miss school for her golf lessons and I was quite strict. When I scolded her for missing classes, she never lost her temper. Even today, after becoming a great celebrity, she is punished and that has left an indelible mark on my mind, ”says Mookerji.

Sundari Viswanathan: Rakul Preet was a bright and happy student.

Rakul's tuition teacher, Sundari Viswanathan always thought she was a bright girl. “She would never miss any class. She was a happy, hardworking girl and I was always sure she will succeed in everything she will pursue, ”she says. Gautam Rode: Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan


Gautam Rode : Only Seema ma'am let me attend his class

There was only one teacher in Gautam Rode's school who would let him willingly sit in her class and that was Seema Peter, his Business Studies teacher. “I was a notorious student so all my teachers would ask me to stand outside the class, but Seema ma’am was very nice to me. She would ask me to control my temper and had a different approach about handling kids, ”says Gautam.

Seema Peter: Gautam was a bright but restless student. I'm proud of him

Gautam's favorite teacher, Seema Peter, remembers him as a potentially bright, mischievous and restless student. “My message to Gautam is that you can achieve more success in the field you have chosen. Come and visit your school that has shaped your life in a positive way and did what you are. I'm proud of him, she says.

Nimrat Kaur: Sri Ram College of Commerce


Nimrat Kaur: I used to bunk my classes to attend the Amit Eco conference sir

Nimrat Kaur He studied BCom (Hons) from Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and a professor who remembers his university with love is Professor of Economics Amit Sachdeva. “It was spectacular, accessible and friendly. He was one of the most popular SRCC teachers and students from other classes would also attend his lectures. It used to be a crowded room when I used to give lectures. The students used to even sit on the floor. I think the reason for his popularity was that he was a great teacher with whom students could identify. His teaching method was much simpler and interesting, ”says Nimrat.

Amit Sachdeva: Nimrat has made the whole country proud

While Nimrat thinks that her great teacher might not have noticed her among many students who would attend her class, Amit Sachdeva says she remembers that Nimrat was one of the students from other sections who would attend her classes regularly. He says: I remember her every time I teach the Mumbai Dabbawallahs case study in class. I remember your movie The Lunchbox. She has made the whole country proud. We would love to have her as a visitor at our university. ”  Sundari Viswanathan:  Rakul Preet was a bright and a happy student Facebook Twitter Pintrest