'Viral' children who do somersaults become SAI learners

KOLKATA: The boy and the girl in uniform, whose deadly jumps on their way to school, with bags on their backs, impressed nothing less than the great Nadia Comaneci , now they will become full-time learners in Indian Sports Authority Eastern center.

The video of Jashika Khan 11 and Mohammad Azajuddin 12, somersaults and somersaults became viral on social media after five-time Olympic gold medalist gymnast Comaneci tweeted: This is incredible.

Less than a week later, the two were summoned Wednesday for a trial by the SAI Eastern Center.

They are natural gymnasts. SAI wants children like them who have a great interest and not just enter with force. We are very happy to see your interest, said the regional director of the UPS, Manmeet Singh Goindi.

They will stay in the hostel. All facilities like others will be provided. They will be trained by qualified gym coaches. We are simply sowing seeds. And we hope for our success.

Sports minister Kiren Rijiju also took note of Comaneci's praise for the duo and tweeted: I'm happy that Nadia Comaneci tweeted it! As first gymnast who scored perfect 10.0 at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and then, received six more perfect 10s to win three gold medals, it becomes very special. I've urged to introduce these kids to me.