Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update, September 4: Jethalal tries to make nayakar surya and fails miserably

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Jethalal He sleeps in his room until late when Babita arrives at his house. She sees Champak chacha working out and tells him it's good to see him stay fit. He tells Babita that he is very regular like her.

She asks to meet Jethalal and Champak chacha informs her that he is still asleep. He and Babita try to wake up him up but he doesn't. Bapu ji throws water at Jethalal and he gets shocked. Jethalal realises that he was just dreaming and he tells the same to Bapu ji. Tapu and Bapu ji ask him to do surya namaskar with him since he has woken up early.

Jethalal unaware of what surya namaskar being an exercise tells Bapu ji that he does it everyday while offering water to the sun. Bapu ji asks him to do an exercise. Tapu shows him the steps and Bapu ji asks him to copy them. Jethalal finds it difficult to perform surya namaskar and fails miserably at it.

While he is doing the exercise Babita ji comes and is impressed with him. She then asks for the number of the person who gets desi jaggery for them. Jethalal tried to impress her by praising her.