Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, September 4: Rohit's mother slaps him; Sonakshi asked to leave his program

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi & Pulkit they are on their way to buy the Ganpati idol when they receive a call from Rohit . He realises that she hasn't read the news until now. He doesn't tell her anything & she also invites him along with the Sippy family to their house for Ganpati darshan.

Rohit decides to meet the police officer in connection with the news. Rohit asks the officer who leaked this news to the media & that this is bringing disgrace to the actress. The police officer says they have been looking for Mhatre & that he is the only one who can now tell the truth about him & Sonakshi .

It is shown that Mhatre & his brother are hiding in the Ganpati idol shop from where Sonakshi had ordered her idol. An old employee of him is helping Mhatre to hide from police.

Sonakshi & Pulkit read the messages & she is shocked. Pulkit asks her to not visit the sets for the shoot. She tells him to go home & not worry.

Elsewhere at Sippy mansion, Nishi is upset with her brother Akash & asks YK to speak with him as Pooja's truth cannot come out in front of the family as it will ruin them completely.

YK speaks with Akash & tells him that he will himself reveal the truth of Pooja's adoption to her but when the time is right.

Rohit reaches home & his father Naren asks him to stay away from Sonakshi as she is not a nice girl. Rohit gets angry with his father & misbehaves with him. Seeing this, Veena slaps Rohit & asks him to never cross his limits. Dadi asks Veena this is not the way to behave with a grown-up man but Rohit refuses to leave Sonakshi 's side.

On the sets, Sonakshi is surrounded by media personnel & tells them how her innocence will be out in public soon. She starts with her shoot & later her co-stars start taunting her. Netra asks everyone to take a lunch break & she goes to meet Sonakshi .

Netra asks Sonakshi to tell the truth about how she was helping Pooja Sippy & get her name clear of this scandal. Sonakshi refuses to do the same & says she cannot involve Pooja in it. Netra tells Sonakshi that she has to follow the channel's order. Sonakshi understands & tells her that she is ready to quit the show.