Car manufacturers set hope in the holiday season to reduce sales problems

New Delhi, September 4 () Car manufacturers Honda, Toyota and Maruti Suzuki India expect this holiday season to bring up a surge in demand, although the big signs of recovery do not seem to be on the market due to the prevailing negative feelings.

Companies are betting on holiday purchases to raise sales of deep negative falls to somewhat reasonable levels compared to the last five months.

Looking at the things that happened in this fiscal year, there seems to be no big signs, but definitely the festival season will bring an increase compared to what we've seen in the past five months, said Senior Vice President of Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) -President and Director (Marketing and Sales), said Rajesh Goel.

I was speaking on the sidelines of the annual automobile retail conclave of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA).

Goel said that although the festival season has already begun in the southern and western regions of the country, it has remained moderate so far due to several reasons, including more than expected rains in some parts.

Overall, I think the festival season will bring a rebound but, for how long, we'll have to wait and see, he added.

Goel said that even if there has to be a reversal in terms of sales, the feeling is not something that can be reversed so quickly.

So, this year, it seems to be difficult to enter a boom cycle and, therefore, it will be a longer period, he added.

When asked if companies could distribute more discounts, Goel said that the offers at this time on several models are already at an all time high.

They may rise marginally, but not to the point that there is a substantial difference for the customer. If customers wait until March for some type of crisis sale; Even if they manage to buy a cheaper car (in March), they might not have time to register it. I think that in terms of discounts and also additional offers from dealers, this is the best time to buy cars, he added.

Similarly, the deputy managing director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), N Raja, said there could be a slight rebound in sales during the holiday season.

He said things could improve in terms of sales, but it won't be a dramatic recovery.

In an email response, Maruti Suzuki India (Marketing and Sales) executive director Shashank Srivastava said that, in the current scenario, consumer offers are at the high end, although they vary from time to time and from one region to another.

With an increase in consultations, we expect demand during the festival season to increase and consumer offers to decrease, he added.

The national automotive industry has experienced a prolonged slowdown. For August, Honda Cars India and TKM reported a 51% and 21% drop in sales, respectively. In addition, Maruti Suzuki India saw its sales decrease by 33 percent last month. MSS RKL HRS