Club Factory claims to be the third largest shopping application in terms of MAU on Android in India

New Delhi, September 4 () The Chinese Club Factory e-tailer claimed Wednesday to have become the third largest shopping application, replacing Snapdeal, in terms of monthly active users on the Android platform in India.

The big e-commerce companies Amazon and Flipkart are in the first and second position, respectively, according to the Annie App data analysis platform.

Snapdeal has challenged the claim of losing the number three spot before Club Factory, saying that its monthly active users (MAU) are almost seven times more than those of the Chinese company.

Club Factory has surpassed Snapdeal to become the third largest purchasing application, in terms of MAU, in India since June 2019 after retaining rank one in the Google Play shopping application category, according to the analysis platform App Annie data, Club Factory said in a statement. .

Snapdeal has called it 'only hyperbole, without connection with relevant commercial parameters'.

Since traffic on the website and website is very important in India, the use or downloading of applications is an inadequate reflection of business. Snapdeal's monthly traffic is more than 10 times that of Club Factory and its monthly active users (MAU) 7 times that of Club Factory. This is public information based on credible third-party tools such as Similar Web, Snapdeal spokesman said.

Users end up on the mobile site, the website or the application, depending on the device used by the consumer at that time, and paid application installations are not at all a proxy of size or momentum in the business, since it is a highly capable metric game, Snapdeal said.

The company said the total traffic claimed by the Club Factory is itself a fraction of Snapdeal's 70 million monthly active users. Club Factory MAUs are obviously an even smaller fraction since each active user makes multiple visits in a month.

If MAUs or traffic should be viewed as a commercial metric, then it should be on all channels and for a longer period. The measure of high quality growth is more traffic, users and conversions. Simply boosting application downloads at a given time framing through cash returns or the use of click farms to cause a short-lived peak is not a reflection of growth or commercial progress, Snapdeal said.

On Tuesday, Club Factory had said it is increasing investments to meet the highest demands of consumers. After witnessing rapid growth and success in India, we now hope that the era of FAC (Flipkart, Amazon, Club Factory) will be the future of India's e-commerce market. We are further empowering local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in India with our zero percent commission strategy and also making a significant investment in the ecosystem to meet the highest consumer demands, said the founder and CEO of Club Factory, Vincent Lou. PRS RUJ MKJ