Saurav and Madhumita are getting divorced

Saurav Chakraborty and Madhumita Sarkar , the popular Bengali television couple, are ending their four-year marriage. They decided to divorce each other.

Saurav and Madhumita first met on the sets of the popular Bengali series Sabinoye Nibedan in 2011. Soon, their friendship became a relationship and, after four years, love birds finally tied the knot .

Confirming the news, Madhumita told us that they have not yet moved the court. Despite being reluctant to go deeper into the matter, he said that when a person enters a relationship, there are multiple reasons behind this. Similarly, when they want to separate, there is more than one reason for that. There are many reasons why Saurav and I have decided to separate, ”he added.

When talking about their relationship, Madhumita said: “When a girl decides to marry someone, love is not the only thing she thinks about. There is much more than that. We had something for each other, but at some point, we felt it was not working. It seems that we are no longer compatible. ” However, they will continue to be supporters in the future.

“The best thing we did was sit down, talk like two adults and make the decision together. If we are not happy together, then it is better to move on and live in peace, ”he said, adding that he always wants the best for Saurav.