Lu0026T creates advanced infrared solutions for 5 lakh smart meters

New Delhi, September 4 () Larsen u0026 Toubro (Lu0026T) said Wednesday that it has created advanced measurement infrastructure solutions for five lakh smart meters for state-owned Energy Efficiency Services Ltd..

The smart meter project aims to regulate the pattern of energy consumption, promote online billing, instill transparency and reduce line losses.

Together, Lu0026T and EESL have already successfully implemented the Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) system for more than 5,00,000 smart meters, including the integration and commissioning of 50,000 smart meters for NDMC, Lu0026T said in a statement.

EESL has contracted Smart World u0026 Communication from Lu0026T to implement the largest implementation of AMI solutions comprising more than five million smart meters in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and NDMC.

The project aims to help discoms improve billing efficiency, save energy and empower consumers to save and manage energy consumption by providing real-time data on energy costs, according to the statement.

The smart meter project is primarily aimed at regulating the pattern of energy consumption, promoting online billing, infusing transparency, reducing line losses, etc. Having built the capacity to install 1,00,000 smart meters per month, we can now achieve our goal within the stipulated timeframe, said EESL MD Saurabh Kumar. Smart World u0026 Communication from Lu0026T offers comprehensive intelligent solutions that include security solutions, communication networks, telecommunications infrastructure and intelligent infrastructure. SID SID ANU ANU