Teamlease launches platform to promote ease of doing business

CHENNAI Teamlease Services has launched Teamlease Compliance cloud on the web and application to promote the goal of the ease of doing business .

the website ( and the Rulezbook application are aimed at offering a comprehensive control and compliance environment to offer paperless, presence-less and cashless compliance by linking enterprises directly to various central and state government agencies.

Currently, the software offers follow-up services, but is working with several regulators and entities to offer a comprehensive workflow for processing and direct presentation of the process that an employer requires.

the platform is real-time (updated 15 times a day), national, and comprehensive in its coverage, tracking 58,000+ compliance rules and 3,000+ filings across 1000+ Acts, Teamlease said. It is also a personalised solution for employers and can act as a guide for policy makers in their effort to reduce the regulatory procedures.

the Rulezbook application (available for download from the Google and Apple stores) offers employers an inventory of rules application licable to them for compliance based on their geography of operations, sector and other details.

“Ongoing the ease of doing business interventions are useful but life for employers and entrepreneurs is still difficult and formalisation will be accelerated by rationalising, simplifying and digitising our compliance regime. This site is our contribution to the infrastructure of formalization, transparency and scale for employers particularly benefiting MSME’s who do not have or cannot afford large in-house teams or external agencies," Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder & executive vice president, Teamlease Services, said.

Teamlease believes the current control and compliance structures in India Inc create risks for employers because of insufficient, inaccurate and delayed information leading to poor decisions, penalties and litigation.