Mumbaikars begins the first post-Visarjan cleaning of the season

Ganesh Chaturthi is on and the warriors of the city beach are also acting to clear the sands of the elements that remain after the first visarjan (immersion). The first of the cleaning units began in Give this morning.n University students joined activists to clear the sands and the coast. They found themselves behind Kirti College at 7 am and I put on gloves and picked up other cleaning equipment and went to work. It was raining a lot, but this didn't stop at 100 Participants of his mission. They cleaned nonstop and in two hours cleaning unit Approximately 500 kg of trash was collected, including plastic.

'There was a marked difference this year'


He says Chinu Kwatra , who has been spearheading the beach cleanliness efforts, “This year’s first post- visarjan clean-up started early morning at Give with the NSS students of VPM, SM Shetty and Patkar Colleges. There was a marked difference since last year at the beach. Last year, post the one-and-a-half-day visarjan , we found 250 idols and this year, there were just 20 idols. We were really happy to notice the change on the beach and happy that the awareness drives are making an impact.”

The next cleaning is on September 7, after 5 days. Ganpati . We are having a cleaning of nine consecutive days, which will continue until September 15, he adds.