Kalidasa's poem translated through Koodiyattam

The novel three-day dance party, Soorya Unlimited dreams , a dance festival began on Tuesday with a koodiyattam performance of Salini Harikrishnan . The dance event was the first of its kind, as it also had a dance critics session by a panel of experts formed by dancers. Dr. Rajasree Warrier and P Gopakumar. The opening performance of Salini educated the crowd on the segment, Nandini Prasadam from the second canto of Raghuvamsam, one of the great court epics written in Sanskrit by Kalidasa. After her elegant recital, Rajasree Warrier and Gopakumar conveyed their comments on the performance which was thought-provoking for both the artiste and the audience. Apart from the experts, festival director dancer Dr Methil Devika also addressed the event.

Photo courtesy: Satheehsan Karicheri

Rajashree Warrier ,P Gopakumar(1)

Methil Devika (2) Kutiyattam by  Salini Harikrishnan  (2)