Caught cheating, aspiring pilot was banned from performing the DGCA exam permanently

NEW DELHI: Munnabhai may have had his way using a mobile phone to pass his MBBS exams in the film, but doing so in real life has cost two aspiring pilots expensive.

After spending billions of dollars on money hard earned by their parents to train as pilots, they allegedly used/tried to use unfair means, read cell phones, during exams conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Affairs Aviation ( DGCA ) for the award of the commercial pilot license (CPL).

While an applicant candidate has been punished for life by being permanently excluded from taking this exam, the other can only do so after two years.

Regulator orders issued in both cases on Tuesday. The most serious case is on July 26, 2019, when an aspiring Thane pilot in Mumbai was presenting for an aerial regulation matter exam to obtain his CPL.

During the test you used unfair means and were in possession of two smartphones (including an iPhone), a smart watch and a connecting device. While these electronic devices cannot be taken during the exam, ”says the order.

The regulator had issued a show-cause about this candidate and his response was not satisfactory. He has not presented any valid reason for the commission of such serious violations (which) are clearly evident in the CCTV images. Such conduct of a person who aspires to become a commercial pilot is considered highly detrimental to the safety of the operation of the aircraft and also to the safety of life ... in the air ... the violation is considered very serious, he says the order.

Accordingly, the DGCA has barred this person permanently for life for pilot license exam .

The second case is of a Guntur-based candidate who presented for a CPL subject test test in Hyderabad on July 24 and was found in possession of a mobile phone despite the fact that the devices are not allowed electronic be with those examined at that time.

The DGCA issued a showcase notice to the candidate and after examining his reply, on Tuesday “temporarily debarred (him) from appearing in pilot’s license exam for two years for adopting unfair means” during the exam.