OYO, Cure.Fit and TapChief top LinkedIn startup list

New Delhi, September 4 () The LinkedIn professional networking platform said Wednesday that OYO Hotels and Homes, Cure.Fit and TapChief topped the list of 25 new Indian companies to work for in 2019.

According to LinkedIn data, these 25 companies, including Razorpay, Acko General Insurance, mfine, Udaan, Dunzo and Stanza Living, created around 18,000 jobs collectively in the last year, and are expected to create more than 19,000 new job opportunities in The next 12 months.

The new consumer Internet companies retained their dominance on this year's list and show the emergence of new health care, wellness and e-learning companies that are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to offer medical, wellness and improvement solutions of skills accessible to consumers, LinkedIn said in a statement.

India is the second largest startup ecosystem in the world ... The list is symbolic of the thriving ecosystem and features companies that are at the forefront of key trends in e-learning, medical care and financial services, Adith, administrative editor of LinkedIn India. Charlie said.

He added that the startup ecosystem continues to flourish by meeting employment needs in various industries amid the economic slowdown.

Our data shows that these 25 companies collectively created around 18,000 jobs in the last year, and are expected to create more than 19,000 new job opportunities in the next 12 months, he said.

Almost 50 percent of the companies on this year's 'Top Startup List for India' are based in Bengaluru. The list of new companies was based on four key pillars: growth of employment, commitment to the company and its current employees, labor interest and attraction of the best talents, and focused on the period between July 1, 2018 and the June 30, 2019. SR HRS