The Korean coach of Sindhu praises his 'perfect' performance in the World Championship final

NEW DELHI: PV Sindhu Japan demolition Nozomi Okuhara in the final of the World Championship was the perfect execution of a strategy that included ending the tendency of the Indian ace to be repetitive, says the country's foreign badminton coach Kim Ji Hyun .

Kim, a former South Korean international and coach, sat next to the court while Sindhu beat the 2017 champion Okuhara 21-7 21-7 in one of the most unequal finals in the tournament's history to lift his first title of the World Championship in a third consecutive attempt

Perfect execution! I was so happy (with) how I played! Kim, who joined the Indian coaches organization in March this year, was quoted by World Badminton Federation (BWF)

I mean, yes! This is how I play when I play against it. I feel on the moon because we did it!

Kim, who changed her name to Ji Hyun Marr, but is best known worldwide for her maiden name, had the responsibility of sharpening the skills of former World No. 2 Sindhu with the World Championship and the Olympic Games in mind .

I received the job offer and decided to leave. Five months later, we have a world champion in Sindhu !, said Kim, who was one of the coaches fired last September by the Korean Badminton Association for the failure of the national team wins medals at the Asian Games in Jakarta.

I had more individual training. We work on your net skills and deception for hours. Everyone knows that she is a great player, but that she did the same things over and over again in the games, said Kim, who is in her twentieth year of training. career.

To change your forms, you have to see them. I videotaped it and then stopped the demonstration and asked what shot it was going to hit, Kim explained, adding that they also worked on their anticipation and be ready for the follow-up shot.

Sindhu, who had undergone rigorous training with Kim before the World Championship, praised his Korean coach.

It has been good. I am happy with my performance. With Kim, I have good communication, Sindhu said.

She pointed out some mistakes I was making on the net, and in general, so I had to improve that aspect. His mentality and thinking are different and motivates me a lot.

Each coach has a different approach and I got used to it quickly. She joined after All England, so it took a while to get used to her path. Now we understand each other well.