The Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye of Tamal Dasgupta shows how women are victims every day

While the iconic creation of Suchitra Bhattacharya Mitin Mashi has been in the headlines since Arindam Sil announced his next film based on the female detective, the other story of the late Suchitra Bhattacharya has seen its adaptation to the big screen. Produced by Srijita Films and Entertainment, the upcoming Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye by Tamal Dasgupta, which premieres on September 13, is also based on a story by the renowned writer.

The plot revolves around Ria Fernández, a bar dancer, who leaves with her useless alcoholic husband, Shabby, completely dependent on Ria. One night, Ria is raped by three regular customers of the bar. In search of his justice against the high and powerful, Ria stands firm but loses his case in the trial court.

Ria did not accept the lower court ruling and goes to the Superior Court where Samiran Sen, a renowned defender of Kolkata, takes care of his case and eventually wins the case. But soon hell breaks loose when Ria realizes the true nature of all those who once helped her. Even Samiran Sen's wife, Urmi, faces the harsh reality.

She wonders, how does a woman live a life different from Ria's? You realize that there is no place for good or for bad if you are a woman in this society dominated by men. You are just a puppet!

While Ananya Chatterjee Ria plays, Shilajit Mazumadar rehearse the role of her husband. Joy Sengupta will be seen as Samiran and Srilekha Mitra like Urmi.

Image courtesy: Srijita Films and Entertainment