Contract submitted in telecommunications, cars, real estate: Teamlease

New Delhi, September 4 () The economic slowdown has resulted in a reduction in talent recruitment in sectors such as telecommunications and automobiles, said staff firm Teamlease Services on Wednesday.

On the other hand, sectors such as electronic commerce and food technology have seen an increase or a continuous demand to hire new workers.

That all jobs are not disappearing or that all jobs are not reduced or that all jobs are not waiting. There are specific sectors that are definitely affected and we are seeing a reduction in those sectors ... Side by side there are other sectors where we are seeing a peak or a continuous demand to hire new workers, said here Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and executive vice president of Teamlease Services

The banking, insurance and e-commerce sectors continue to grow, while industries such as telecommunications, the automobile, real estate and construction have been moderate, he said.

She spoke during the launch of the cloud compliance website ( and the Rulezbook application here.

The website, the company said, provides a comprehensive business compliance solution that covers more than 1,000 events in seven categories.

The information is obtained from more than 2,000 regulatory websites daily to analyze and synthesize 2,500 changes per year, making a database in real time.

The database incorporates all legal and compliance updates, tracking changes 15 times a day.

India's economic growth has plummeted for the fifth consecutive quarter to a minimum of more than six years of 5% in three months ending in June, as consumer demand and private investment slowed amid deterioration of the world environment. SID