Koilamma Update, September 3: Ramesh Chandra punishes Kokila

In the last episode of Koilamma , to love duress Kokila to reveal the truth that she is Bunch Kumar’s illegitimate daughter in front of Ramesh Chandra. Kokila’s confession leaves Ramesh Chandra devastated. He feels cheated and lashes out at Kokila and Sindhu for hiding the truth.

Kokila defends Sindhu and takes the entire blame. Unable to tolerate the deceit, Ramesh Chandra orders to love to disown her and drop her back at Bunch ’s place. Kokila emotionally begs Ramesh Chandra to punish her in some other way. Sameer objects to love ’s silence in this situation.

Ramesh Chandra overrules his objection and drags Kokila out of the house. While Sameer demands to love to speak out, Ramesh Chandra takes her with him to Bunch ’s place.

Lakshmi welcomes Ramesh Chandra and Kokila in. But Ramesh Chandra stays outside and summons Bunch . He along with Ashok, Indraja and Jagadamba also come out. Indraja asks Ramesh Chandra to come in and discuss. He blames Bunch and his family by deceitfully getting Kokila married to his son.

Bunch asks Ramesh Chandra to face the music for performing Kokila and to love ’s wedding. Ramesh Chandra says that Kokila with such a disgraceful birth history is a blemish for his family. He adds that she can’t be his daughter-in-law anymore and that she deserves to stay back with her father. His decision leaves Bunch and the others shocked.