Heavy fines for traffic violations: this scene of Bharat Ane Nenu from Mahesh Babu is going viral

According to the new Motor Vehicles Law 2019, motorists violating Traffic regulations will have to pay hard fines henceforth. Existing sanctions have been abruptly reviewed to discipline traffic-related offenders, especially repeat offenders. Although the new law went into effect as of September 1, it caught the attention of the public when a man from Delhi was recently fined a whopping โ‚น 23,000 for driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet and also for not carrying important documents.

And, here comes a big surprise. Various Internet users they are smoking Mahesh babu and a scene from his movie that they believe is the main inspiration behind this recently revised policy. During a crucial episode in Bharat Ane Nenu , the Superstar of Telugu cinema gets embarrassed by the disruptive traffic in the city and later imposes heavy fines on violators after he becomes the Chief Minister of the state.

While several Internet users are joking that Mahesh babu and the Telugu film industry should be blamed for the new rules made by the Modi government, few others are throwing satires on this whole episode. Anyway, the video clip is doing the rounds on the internet and giving a reason for the public to be aware of the revised stuff.