India leads the count of users who mark inappropriate content on YouTube

New Delhi, September 4 () India continues to top the list of countries where YouTube users have flagged content for alleged violation of community norms, placing themselves ahead of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Russia.

During April-June 2019, users marked around 10.88 million videos worldwide, according to the YouTube Community Standards compliance report.

In addition to our automated markup systems, Trusted Flaggers and our broader community of users play an important role in content tagging. We receive bookmarks for alleged violations of our Community Guidelines ... Marked content will remain active when it does not violate our Community Guidelines, he said.

India topped the list, followed by the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Countries were classified according to the total volume of flags received, but the report did not reveal details of flags received from individual countries.

Also in the last edition (January-March 2019), India led the count.

Users mark the content for a variety of reasons including spam, violence, hate or abuse, or being sexually inappropriate.

In a blog post on Wednesday, YouTube said it removed more than one lakh of videos just for hate speech, while more than 17,000 channels were canceled for the same reason.

The total elimination of comments almost doubled in the second quarter to more than 500 million, partly due to a large increase in the elimination of hate speech, he added.

The company said improvements to its auto-tagging systems have helped it detect and review content even before the community marks it, and as a result more than 80 percent of those videos with auto-dialing were removed before receiving a single view in the second quarter of 2019. We are determined to continue reducing exposure to videos that violate our policies. That's why, at Google, we have commissioned more than 10,000 people to detect, review and remove content that violates our guidelines, the blog said. SR MBI BAL