Ke Apon Ke By written update, September 3: Tandra wants to harm Kuhu

In the recent episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Tandra, who has entered Joba's house as Rumpa, cannot control her craving for spicy food. She does tantrum when she sees Itu and Rinki prepare simple breakfast She orders Itu to cook a special dish. Joba, who is close, is surprised by his demands. Joba remember how Tandra I used to love the same dish. When she mentions it Rumpa aka Tandra tries to divert the topic.

Joba asks Param whether the police found any clue during the investigation. Param says that police officers are right outside their place and they saw none entering the house. Joba says that the person behind all the recent incidents must be living in this house.

Later, the family members talk about Jhulan Purnima. Kuhu talks about Jhulan and Tandra says she will help in the decoration. Joba decides to prepare for her exam but Tandra wants to spoil it.

Tandra fetches another plan but her mom scolds her. Lalita asks Tandra to drop the plan citing the risk of getting caught. She tells her mom about Jhulan.

Kuhu and Koel are busy in the decoration. Rumpa aka Tandra joins them. She asks Koel to sleep and says Kuhu will help her. Joba and Itu also come. Tandra manages to send everyone away.

Param reads a thriller story and narrates the plot to Joba. In the story, a murderer comes back but none recognises her since she has undergone plastic surgery. Param tells that the culprit was caught after someone found out her blood group and an identification mark.

Tandra takes a harmful chemical and intends to harm Kuhu with it. She wants Joba to be busy with Kuhu instead of appearing for the exam.