Krishnakoli Update, September 3: Shyama is concerned about Nikhil's well-being

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , during the celebration of Janmashtami, Shyama Meet a man in a miserable condition. Suddenly says that Nikhil Won’t live long. This leaves Shyama in utter shock and she starts considering it as a bad omen. She rushes home and panics.

Seeing her, Basanta and Sujata also get anxious. Nikhil tries to make her realize that the man is mentally unstable and his words make no sense. But she refuses to believe any of his words.

Shyama cries in front of Lord Krishna. Nikhil holds her and tries to calm her down. Unknowingly, he addresses her as Tumi and later realises it.

A worried Sujata comes to Shyama's room and asks what happened. To calm her down, she gives some random excuse.

Sankalpa tries to speak with Ramen about the music album but the latter throws tantrums. Sankalpa says that Shyama is still hesitant to sing with him. Ramen says that he will make sure that Shyama performs with him.

At Chowdhury residence, Basanta insists Shyama to reveal what happened. She shares the incident and he tries to calm her down.

Later, Nikhil tells Shyama that according to the condition given by the family members, she will have to address him as ‘tumi’. But she is still addressing him as ‘apni’. To his surprise, she also refers him as tumi.

Arun informs Nikhil that the couple has passed the first test and calling each other as ‘tumi’.

Elsewhere, Ramen finalizes the recording date. When he says the timing will be at night, Sankalpa gets surprised. Ramen forces him to convince Shyama at any cost. Later, Ramen shares his current plan with his assistance once Sankalpa leaves.