That is why Prarthana Behere has become selective with her films.

Actress Prarthana Behere It has been appreciated for its performance in television series, as well as in Marathi films. However the Actress who has played countless roles over the years now slows down when it comes to selecting movies. the Maska & What's up Lagna? Actress says that being type-casted is one of the reasons she has become picky about the kind of roles she wants to do. Sharing further, she quips, “When you are new in the industry, you tend to explore everything that’s why that was the time when I did films from all the genres. I said to almost all the scripts that came my way. When I started, I never had second thoughts about who my director or the producer was or who my co-star will be; if I liked the subject, I said yes to the film. Then there were film that never released or there were films which turned out to be completely different from what they were discussed. But I still picked them.

However, I have become choosy about films is because I have a back-up who tells me what is good & bad for me. My husband helps me in decision making & tells me where I am going wrong. Also, now it’s not the case of my bread & butter, I have the liberty to choose or reject film scripts whenever I want to. I think this is the biggest reason I have become choosy.”