Maruti will stop production at the Gurugram, Manesar plants for two days

NEW DELHI: the largest car manufacturer in the country Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said Wednesday that it decided to suspend production at its Gurugram and Manesar plants in Haryana for two days.

The company said it will suspend manufacturing operations at the two manufacturing facilities on September 7 and 9.

Both days will be observed as days without production, MSI said in a statement.

Facing a sharp slowdown, the main car reduced its production by 33.99 percent in August, becoming the seventh consecutive month of reduction.

The company produced a total of 1.11,370 units in August compared to 1.68,725 units in the month of the previous year.

The production of passenger vehicles last month was 1.10,214 units compared to 1.66,161 units in August 2018, a decrease of 33.67 percent.

In July, the automaker had reduced its production by 25.15 percent to 1.33,625 units.

On September 1, the company had reported a 33 percent drop in total sales last month to 1.06,413 units compared to 1.58,189 units in August 2018.

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