Interactive promotions result in better retirement value and a stronger personal connection, D-Towners say

With an avalanche of entertainment options now available to the audience at the click of a button, making a mark and setting a retirement value is not only difficult, but also essential for filmmakers. This is where interactive promotions help, feel the industry experts. There is a lot of content overflow in our daily lives, says the actor Jimit Trivedi . And he adds: “In a situation like this, it is necessary to continue reinventing ourselves to reach our audience. If we don't offer fans something new, the message will be lost somewhere in the content flood. The industry also believes that it is necessary to interact with the public so that one remains relevant until a movie is released. You have to find that connection, and when you involve people, they remember it for longer, Jimit shares. Others believe that one of the best ways to keep the audience absorbed and entertaining is to keep them interested. And this has extended to various aspects of the entertainment industry. Whether the singers make their audience sing during their concerts, the presenters chat with their audience while they organize a program, or even television programs that urge viewers to participate in contests and voting processes, it is about making them part of the show. . Actress Bhakti Kubavat He says: “The best way to entertain your audience is to involve them and Gujarati filmmakers are using the same strategy to the fullest. Every time I organize a program, I have the audience participate in several activities, let them tell their stories and involve them in funny jokes. This way they feel entertained and feel that the event is for them and not for the presenter. The same is true with movie promotions . Fans should feel that the promotional activity is for them and not just a mere routine.