PR Arun in Finals: men and women take different paths when it comes to pursuing their dreams

PR Arun He has chosen an interesting film for his debut in the world of entertainment, his adventure ‘Finals’ is a sports drama focused on women. This is a story that needs to be told, the filmmaker said with confidence. Rajisha Vijayan will play the lead in ‘Finals’, which is directed by Arun, who is a post-graduate in theater. The film narrates the story of Alice, a cyclist who is preparing to compete at the 2020 Olympics. Suraj Venjarammoodu essays her father, who is a trainer in the film. As the movie is all geared to hit the screens on September 6, PR Arun exclusively spoke to ETimes about the project.

Massive Maiden

Most moviegoers tend to select a simple theme to debut, but here is Arun choosing an intense theme for a female cyclist and her struggles. I had written the script 12 years ago. The seriousness of the issue made me invest this time, Arun said. The enthusiastic director also revealed that he initially planned to remain a screenwriter but was an actor and producer. Maniyanpilla Raju who encouraged him to direct the movie. Since he has previously worked on theater, it was easy for Arun to consider Maniyanpilla Raju's suggestion. This is a story, almost all my friends know about. I desperately wanted to bring this story to the silver screen. So I started with my preparations and two years later when Raju Chettan (Maniyanpilla Raju) asked me about the project, I confidently said, 'yes, we are doing this', ”narrated Arun.

Rajisha Vijayan as Alice

Arun’s leading lady, Rajisha Vijayan has previously worked with him on his play 'Hand of God'. The debutant filmmaker was impressed with her commitment and decided to cast Alice as the leading lady. Arun said, I have witnessed her determination and hard work which she invests in her character. Arun roped in Suraj Venjaramoodu to play Rajisha’s father, Varghese in the film. Varghese as Alice's father and trainer has very intense emotions to portray. Suraj Venjaramoodu is a gifted actor, so I didn't think twice before casting him.

Inspiring story

The end tells the story of a cyclist and it was not necessary to have a female protagonist, but Arun was determined to talk about the struggle of a woman in her debut project. This story needs to be told. Men and women take different paths when it comes to chasing their dreams. In any stratum, a woman has to fight at least 10 times more than a man. And that is a reality that we should change. And when I had the opportunity to tell a story, I wanted to tell the story of those who struggle a lot and not the privileged. That thought inspired me to introduce a female protagonist, Arun said.

Musical and sports drama

The musical composer Kailas Menon, known for his sensational song Jeevamshamayi, manages the music department of ' Finals '. Music plays an important role in a sports movie, therefore, I decided to let an expert musician take care of that part. From the moment I explained the story to Kailas Menon, I was excited. Not only did he support me with his music but he was also next to me during the entire re-recording process, Arun said.

Arun was also lucky to get the letter of recent times Puthenchery Gireesh for his movie. Kailas Menon had got the lyrics 12 years ago, when he met the veteran lyricist. "It's a blessing. The lyrics were given to Kailas Menon years ago and while we placed the music for a particular sequence, it surprisingly matched. We still don't know exactly how it happened. I would love to refer to it as a miracle,” expressed Arun adding that he felt fortunate to have the celebrated musician’s presence in his film. The movie also features a song by wink-sensation Priya Prakash Varrier. She marked her playback singing debut with ‘Nee Mazhavillu Polen’ for ' Finals ', along with singer Naresh Iyer . We needed a voice that had an urban texture for this particular song. Priya and Kailas Menon have a mutual friend and this is how we learned that Priya was a trained singer and we invited her to join us, Arun revealed.

With just a couple of days left for its release, filmmaker PR Arun is hoping that his debut ' Finals ' emerges as a victory at the box office, “Good movies always have their space," concluded Arun.