Mumbai students participate in tree planting and awareness campaign

It was a sight to behold when young students gathered for an awareness campaign with colorful posters and banners that talked about the importance of saving trees.

The academy that organized this event has not only been creating skilled mathematicians and also aims to create responsible citizens for the country. Therefore, they celebrated their 16th anniversary in a nursing home in Vasai , where students spent time with 56 older women planting trees.

Stressing the need to protect and preserve the environment Dinesh Victor, MD of the SIP Academy, said: “We have always protected and conserved the environment. We propagate sustainable forms in all our practices. I am happy to see the great enthusiasm exhibited by the students who have presented for the trip. Let's promise not only to plant trees but also to grow them. ”

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Sarala K of the academy said: “We have to make sure that our future generation is raised so that they understand the value of conserving the environment. Today we decided to celebrate our anniversary here so that children can understand the value of the vegetation that is diminishing day by day. They also have to learn social value as the attention they will learn by spending time with these old women.

SIP aims to promote the following trees:

to. NEEM: protects our environment in flood control, reduces soil erosion and less salinity.

second. AMLA: a tropical tree with great medicinal properties.

do. MANGO: trees help filter water, combat salinity, clean the air and increase flows to river basins. They also provide food and shelter not only to humans but also to wildlife .